Label XP

Draw and print own labels, label XP is the software for the label print developed by INFO LAB.

Lab offers you the opportunity to download and test the program.

Main features of Label XP

  • Possibility of defining the wished label format, margins and spacing between labels, possibility of defining number of horizontal labels and number of vertical labels
  • Possibility of hitting the centre of the label print modifying the offset of the print
  • Possibility of inserting and manipulating several objects using graphic interface, including barcode, free text fields, text fields attached to database
  • Possibility of showing the prints in preview
  • Possibility of connecting to a database in Microsoft Access format and select a table to use as source of the data for the print/union on the labels
  • Possibility of inserting some criteria of selection of the records to be used in print
  • Possibilities of printing barcode in the tail formats Code39, Ean8 or Ean13
  • Exclusive possibility of producing labels which supplement graphics and text from a database with the indication of the path of the image file to be printed
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Screen shot of Label XP

shot label xp

Main program interface
previous label xp

Example of label including images, texts and barcodes


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